CM Global was launched in January 2020 in recognition of the independent spirit of the highly skilled consultants working on Charles Marcus assignments around the world (see globe for more details) 🌎.

Membership is open to all who share our aim to live and work outside their country of origin. The launch event was held in The Langham Hotel near where our fist event was held in 2005 and close to our London office.

The concept developed from a series of social and sporting events for CM consultants drawn together by our common origins and mutual interests. Our first recorded event was in a hotel in Langham Place, London in 2005. There were several large Christmas parties at venues in London. Social events were enjoyed around the world in cities where CM consultants live and work. In 2008 the Founders created Charles Marcus Overseas Consultants Inc to coordinate the development of more events with the financial support of the Charles Marcus consultancy firms. All CM consultants were invited to invest in the new venture to receive a range of benefits. There are now over a thousand members worldwide who have benefited from their shared experiences. The alumni are now mainly living in Australia and New Zealand.
Charles Marcus is a registered trade mark used by firms in the Charles Marcus network. The initial financial support of social events became a system of royalties to build the reserves of Charles Marcus Overseas Consultants Inc, now known as CM Global, for the benefit of members. BVI legislation was changed in 2019 to comply with OECD international tax agreements (BEPS) which banned BVI companies from receiving further royalties. The existing reserves remain available for continued distribution to members at the directors’ discretion.
Social Events from 2005 to 2020 are listed below. These were meetings of CM consultants from a select few to several dozen. Special events were attended by over a hundred members and guests. The social events and awards programmes were suspended in 2020 due to the global pandemic.
  • January 2020, The Langham Hotel, Launch of CM Global, London
  • October 2019, Fitzrovia Room, The Langham Hotel, London
  • March 2019, Portland Foyer, The Langam Hotel, London
  • December 2017, Potted Pig, Cardiff
  • June 2016, Waxed Launch, Hossegor, France
  • February 2015, Artesian Bar, The Langham Hotel, London
  • August 2014, Kensington Roof Gardens, London
  • June 2014, Middle Temple Hall, Middle Temple Lane, London
  • February 2014, O Bar, Australia Square, Pitt Street, Sydney
  • July 2013, Palm Court, The Langham Hotel, Marylebone, London
  • February 2013,The Beer Deluxe, Federation Square, Melbourne
  • February 2013, Blacks, Singapore
  • December 2012, Dartmouth House, Charles Street, Mayfair, London
  • November 2012, Quay Grand, Circular Quay, Sydney
  • September 2012, Merchant Taylors' Hall, Threadneedle Street, London
  • July 2012, The JPMorgan Chase Challenge, Battersea Park, London
  • April 2012, Durrants Hotel, George Street, Marylebone, London
  • February 2012, PWC Tower, Auckland
  • January 2012, Durrants Hotel, Marylebone, London
  • December 2011, Christmas Dinner, Geneva
  • December 2011, The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London
  • July 2011, The JPMorgan Chase Challenge, Battersea Park, London
  • December 2010, The Brewery, Chiswell Street , London
  • October 2010, Quay Grand, Circular Quay, Sydney
  • July 2009, Madame Tussauds, Marylebone Road, London
  • May 2008, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London
  • August 2007, The Roof Gardens, Kensington High Street, London
  • December 2006, Casino Cruise, Thames River, London
  • July 2006, Casino Cruise, Thames River, London
  • December 2005, Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, Mayfair, London
  • May 2005, Saint Georges Hotel, Langham Place, London